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Wall Street Journal Supports Brazilian Right-Winger Who Aims To Remake Dictatorship

October 10, 2018

Where does one begin?

The Wall Street Journal editorial board is strongly supporting a Brazilian politician who has openly praised extrajudicial killings, panned democracy, and called for a return to dictatorship.  Along with some other truly reprehensible ideas.

His track record of fiery anti-democratic rhetoric, calls for police to kill as many criminals as possible and offensive comments on women and minorities.  No one with a shred of decency should embrace his ideas–or candidacy.

Global progressives are having an anxiety attack over the near-triumph Sunday of Brazil’s conservative presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. After years of corruption and recession, apparently millions of Brazilians think an outsider is exactly what the country needs. Maybe they know more than the world’s scolds.

Mr. Bolsonaro won a surprising 46%, just short of the 50% needed to win outright in the first round. He’s now favored over Fernando Haddad, a one-term São Paulo mayor who won 29%. The runoff is Oct. 28.

Mr. Bolsonaro, who has spent 27 years in Congress, is best understood as a conservative populist who promises to make Brazil great for the first time. The 63-year-old is running on traditional values and often says politically incorrect things about identity politics that inflame his opponents. Yet he has attracted support from the middle class by pledging to reduce corruption, crack down on Brazil’s rampant crime and liberate entrepreneurs from government control.

After so much political turmoil and corruption, it’s hardly surprising that Brazilians are responding to a candidate who promises something better.

The WSJ, after witnessing the the beginning of the unmaking of our own nation under Donald Trump, should not be promoting this dangerous illiberal ideology.

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