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When Donald Trump Is Not The Only Unhinged Person In The Oval Office

October 12, 2018

I was away from this blogging desk yesterday.  Even away for much of the day from news and any social media.  A relaxing day up north allowed me to miss–until I turned on the news late last night–what was simply one of the most dispiriting and depressing scenes from inside the Oval Office I have ever seen.

Imagine being one of the most powerful men on the planet knowing you can meet with anyone you want from across the broad array of topics.  It could be scientists, philosophers, inventors, explorers.  The most brilliant and creative minds of the 21st century would love to visit the White House.

But Donald Trump chose to spend the afternoon with Kayne West.

A truly troubled rap singer, Kanye West, turned an Oval Office meeting with Trump into a near psychotic rambling curse-laden meltdown.  There was no doubt that West has a serious medical condition.  His own admission to his bipolar issue is clearly not a made-up matter.   Even Trump, who is not smart, could see that West claiming to be just sleep-deprived was far from reality.

Trump was told by the rapper that he was made to feel manly with his leadership.  I have no words suited for a family-oriented blog site so will leave that statement from West to stand on its own.  He compared the red hats worn by Trump, and his followers, as akin to feeling power in the manner of a “superman cape”.

It has been clear for years that West did not have a family unit of the kind that produces healthy kids.  No one acts like he has over the years and not have a reason for why it all happens.  Perhaps that is why he melts with awkward affection for a male personality of the kind he never had in his own life.  But like the troubled men in West’s own family, and the one he married into, Trump is a mess of a man, himself, and should not be anyone’s role model.

But there West sat looking into the face of Trump saying, “you know, there’s not a lot of male energy. It’s beautiful though.”

Simply Wow.

With West pondering if he should seek the presidency–I simply am reporting the event–he added what was totally jaw-dropping, even by the standards of what had already been said.  West stated,  “Let’s stop worrying about the future. All we have is today.”.

Seems the future is always a matter for any president to be most concerned about.

Trump should have called in the White House physician and had West carted off.  But Trump was all aglow that he had a friend who would say nice things about him–even it was pure babble.

West really needs help.   But so does Trump.

And so it goes.

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