GOP Candidate Gabriel Szerlong Not Ready For Prime Time

For the record I am always pleased to see citizens throw their hat into the political arena.  From local races to the White House it is a sign of civic responsibility when one takes the plunge into electoral politics.   Having said that, however, there are the cases when one wonders how deep the thought process about running was prior to launching a campaign.

Such is the case with Gabriel Szerlong, who is seeking election to the Wisconsin State Assembly from the 43rd District .

The 25 year-old is currently on leave from his legislative assistant job to seek a seat of his own.  That, in and of itself, can be admired.   But it becomes clear when doing nothing more than reading the quick newspaper questionnaire that Szerlong is not ready for prime time.  He is in over his head.

When asked what other public service he had done the answer was “none”.  But in response to a question as to why he would be better than his opponent the answer was, “My values, strong  belief in service, and work ethic….”

So there was no helping in his life with Meals On Wheels, Big Brothers, or a host of other possible causes.  But he was sure to mention that he has a “strong belief in service”.  With the free time he had due to not being service-minded he could at least have taken a few minutes to edit his public responses so they did not have such glaring missteps.

Further down in the questionnaire he writes of the “Milwaukee and Madison liberals” as if he has been in government so long he can toss out the lingo with the best of them.  The use of such phrases underscores he can recite what others say, but adds little to his need to look fresh and worthy of consideration by the voters.  For readers of the paper such phrases make it appear he was perhaps potty trained at gunpoint.  How otherwise to explain such a mindset at age 25!

There will be time for Szerlong to find his rhythm with politics and perhaps again seek office.  That would be my sincere wish.  But the time for his being elected is not this fall.   He just does not have the seasoning yet for the job to which he aspires.

Rocky Road For Republicans As Rout Fears Mushroom

Three different stories today in the news all point to the same conclusion.  There is going to be one heck of a party at this home on the night of the mid-terms!  For the nation, too!

First up is the matter of enthusiasm among the voters and who is being ramped up to participate at the polls.

Why does enthusiasm matter? Simple, turnout is the key to success in all elections — but that especially holds true in midterms given the traditionally lower turnout than presidential elections. For example, in the 2016 presidential election, the turnout was 55%, while in the 2014 midterms we saw only 36.4% voter turnout. This means, as a practical matter, midterm votes actually could have more impact on results. And it generally follows that the more excited someone is to vote, the more likely they will be to will take time out of their day and cast a ballot. Of course, it’s no guarantee of actual results but when you combine that excitement with a few other findings of the polls, it really could be bad news for those who are fans of the man in the red MAGA hat. The CNN poll also found that margin between voters supporting Democrats and Republicans in a midterm election is at its widest since 2006, with 54% of likely voters supporting Democrats to 41% backing a Republican. So what happened in 2006? Democrats won 30 House seats and six Senate seats. Obviously the country has changed a great deal politically since 2006 in terms of hyperpartisanship, but Democrats just need to win 23 seats to control the House and two to control the Senate.”

There is also the fact that in mid-west states the mood has shifted from where it was in 2016.  Republican candidates are facing the backlash of what Trump does and how he acts.

It has become increasingly hard for Republicans to remain optimistic about the chances for him and other GOP candidates across the industrial Midwest. A number of Republicans running for governor or senator in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, including several who hitched their wagon to Trump’s political movement, are behind in polls by double digits, a remarkable turnabout in swing states that were key to the president’s 2016 victory. If current polling averageshold, Democrats will maintain all their Senate seats in those states, pick up a handful of House seats and, in some cases, retake the governors’ mansions. In nearby Iowa, a state Trump won by nearly 10 points, the Democratic candidate for governor was running about even with the Republican governor in a Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll. Polling this week found Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) trailing his Democratic opponent, Tony Evers.

What does make me feel best of all this morning is reading how the GOP blame game has already started.  By Election Night the Republicans will have their knives out for the cutting.

Republicans have begun to concede defeat in the evolving fight to preserve the House majority. The party’s candidates may not go quietly, but from the Arizona mountains to suburban Denver to the cornfields of Iowa, the GOP’s most powerful players this midterm season are actively shifting resources away from vulnerable Republican House candidates deemed too far gone and toward those thought to have a better chance of political survival,” the AP reports.

And as they initiate a painful and strategic triage, the early Republican-on-Republican blame game has begun as well. GOP operatives connected to several vulnerable candidates complain that the committee responsible for electing House Republicans has failed to deliver on its promise to invest $62 million in political advertising across 11 states this fall, a promise detailed in a September memo that declared, ‘The cavalry is coming.