Office Of Caffeinated Politics Being Renovated

For the next 72 hours (or so) a rather major renovation project will be underway at our home.  This room which houses two desks, computers, and countless other such items will be all moved out.  The desks will be taken apart and given to those who wanted them.   Walls and floors will be washed.

Then a local cabinet maker who has been working on our project for a couple months will come in and remake this space.  There will be more floor to ceiling book shelves and two new desks all made from oak.  The desks will blend as they each will be triangular shaped and anchored together.   It all will be stained in dark walnut and covered with osmo coating (oil finish).

The move out of the office is always the hardest as things are cluttered about–which can drive me a bit nuts.  I am–like James–OCD in that we both likes things neat and orderly.   A woman and her son stopped over recently and the kid remarked how everything was so picked up and in place.   The remotes were even lined up in a row and he said. “Wow.”

So minus the clutter of the work in progress we are looking forward to the new office space.  James has hundreds of foreign language books already in alphabetical order by author ready to be placed onto shelves.   (And readers already know about my Richard Nixon collection.)

To make an added fresh start a new and large computer screen (25 inches) is coming from my favorite store–Amazon–to make for the frosting on the cake.  James continues to use two screens on his desk for his translating projects.

All said blogging will resume late Monday night.  I tell James after washing the car that we will get better gas mileage.  With that same logic all the renovations will surely impact my blogging, too.


Be back next week.

2 thoughts on “Office Of Caffeinated Politics Being Renovated

  1. Howard

    I encourage you to proofread your posts more carefully, now that you’ll have a larger screen. (No offense intended. I love what you are doing here.)

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