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How Many More Angry Males Like Cesar Sayoc? Right-Wing Nuts Prove To Be National Threat

October 26, 2018

Right-wing lunacy has made headlines this week with pipe bombs being mailed to prominent Democratic leaders. The Facebook account of Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man who was arrested today, has almost exclusively pro-Trump content, including pictures and videos Sayoc purportedly filmed at one of the president’s political rallies.  His Twitter feed is littered with far-right conspiracy theories or violent threats aimed at some of Donald Trump’s most outspoken critics.

His tweets falsely claimed the February 2018 mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was a false-flag operation orchestrated by Soros and his liberal allies.  And on and one it goes with this type of ridiculousness.

I am very glad they have his backside in jail tonight where he will likely spend the rest of his life.  Sayoc’s Twitter feed reads like a greatest-hits of right-wing media anger and conspiracies.  But hsi rants are not unlike those of Trump and his followers who have no facts but still spew rot about Soros, Kaepernick, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, while bowing to all things reported on Fox News and their tribal elder Sean Hannity.

Right-wingers would be a joke if not so dangerous to public safety and our republic.  The mind-set of Sayoc, and many others as we all know, is directly related to that happens when free-thinking and factual basis is removed for group-think and idol worship of Donald Trump.

Trump has blamed the attempted murder of prominent political leaders on the press.  That is absolutely despicable.  These pipe bombs are just the next step in the war of terror being waged by white nationalists, white supremacists and members of the far right who are afraid of the changes that have come to the United States during the past several decades.  Boo-Hoo that they are not able to stay abreast of technological changes, advances in science, and wince at social progress for minorities.

The simple-minded who drink Trump’s Kool-Aid are lulled into thinking that the biggest threat is coming from a caravan of poor and desperate refugees.  But these white angry voters are missing the undermining of their health care and the give-a-way in tax cuts to the wealthiest in the land.  Trump has the right-wing looking for the object he wants to make glitter while he undermines the economic ladder and safety net that so many of that demographic rely on–even though many are not aware they get federal subsidies.

They spit and spew and make treats and now as we see, pipe bombs.  Clearly we know who needs watching in this nation.


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