Mass Shooting Near Pittsburgh Synagogue–This Is Why White Nationalism Is Dangerous

Another day and another–I strongly suspect–angry white male making the news.

A suspect was in custody late Saturday morning after 11 people were killed at a synagogue outside Pittsburgh.  Three police officers were shot.  The shooter spoke about his desire to kills Jews.

Given the religious hatred that appears to be at the core of the shooting I can envision Donald Trump hard at work crafting his message that there were “many fine people on both sides.”

The bile and hate that is generated in this nation at the highest levels is creating most troubling and dangerous conditions for the nation.  Our citizens are literally under attack.  This week 13 pipe bombs were sent to prominent Democrats and there was a clear and direct threat made based on one’s political affiliation.  This morning a repugnant example of religious intolerance has occurred in a synagogue.  The chickens are coming home to roost from what white nationalists are sowing.

And the seeds that are being spread the heaviest is being done from this White House.  It comes as no surprise that hate crimes have spiked since Trump started to sit in the Oval Office.

We have yet to find out who used a gun today to spread blood and violence but I am sure that when we know it will not be a Muslim.  Nor a Latino immigrant.  Instead, I strongly suspect that it will be an angry white male.

A white nationalist.  A most dangerous and unstable element in the nation.

2 thoughts on “Mass Shooting Near Pittsburgh Synagogue–This Is Why White Nationalism Is Dangerous

  1. Alex

    You nailed it. Too many pussy-foot and try to spin so not to offend. You feel it and say it. My uncle reads your blog and I live here while in college. (UNVA) So much to read from all over but I like your straight-forward approach. The white nationalist threat is very real and as you write very dangerous.

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