Madison School Board Meeting Looked Like Third World In Revolt

I am simply tired of the most ludicrous in our city getting more air time or column inches in the newspaper.  Yet that is what happened Monday night when those without proper training in how to behave in public, or conduct themselves in a credible fashion in meetings, shut down the Madison School Board Meeting.

We have all seen those images and film footage from places around the world still struggling in how to deal with democracy.  Unruly mobs rush a legislative chambers, or shout down the person at the dais.  They unfurl banners and act out in ways designed to disrupt and undermine.  What happened in the McDaniels Auditorium at the district’s Doyle Administration Building looked like a scene out of a bad You Tube video from a place most could not locate on a map.

What the angry yelling and wild theatrics centered on was the need to place police officers in Madison high schools.  The average Madison taxpayer, who will see and read about the out-of-control disruption of the school board, will be hard pressed to deny the fact that something very troubling is afoot in the schools.  If the board can not conduct their business–a budget vote must be held by November 1–without this aberrant behavior how might it look at High Noon in the hallways of our schools?  The wild gang last night made a solid argument for why we need some controlling elements in our public schools.

What has been captured on video is simply and clearly NOT acceptable behavior.  The loud and brash are seemingly unaware that in this city, state, and nation there are process-driven ways for any elected board to conduct their business.  There are times for pubic input, but then times when people attending a meeting sit their asses down, and listen with their mouth shut and their stunts put away.  In other words, act like an adult with some common sense and at least a small dose of self-respect.

For all those last night who shouted, stormed about, and danced there comes a most crushing reality as the morning dawns.  They know that the majority of this city understands why police in the schools are most important.  But if they still feel their position has such validity then they should step up and invest in the community by running for the school board.  If one has better ideas then by all means seek office.  But acting out like troubled children at recess time means they have no real ideas.

So they shout.

But let me be clear when saying taxpayers and residents of this city are tired of their boorish behavior.

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