Madison School Board Will Try Again–To Have A Meeting Without Being Victims Of Protesters

This week produced one of those embarrassing stories about the place we call home.

The Madison School Board needed to adjourn their Monday night meeting when a group of loud and out-of-bounds type people screamed, ranted, unfurled banners and acted like complete idiots.  With their lack of understanding in how to adjust themselves for a public meeting of an elected board, the adults in the room had to make other plans.  There is a time table which needs to be met–action by the board needs to be completed by November 1st.

My friend, David Blaska, posted what we all hope will be the end of this episode. 

We have a plan in place,” the ranking officer said, “with various contingencies.” But he would not divulge details.

The command officer said MPD had “lengthy discussions” with Metro Madison School District people about preventing repeats of Monday’s shut-down of a school board meeting by a mob of about 80 social justice warriors organized by the taxpayer-supported Freedom Inc. and their allies in the International Socialist Organization. Somewhat surprisingly, the school district went to the police.

The police brass promised us that the meeting “will be a less disruptive and more safe event than it has been.” 

The next meeting appears to be tomorrow, Wednesday at 1:15 in the afternoon (10-31-18). EROs (cops) are item #12.1 on the agenda. That is when, by the way, the district’s $415.6 million annual budget will be finalized. 

There can not be—Must Not Be–a repeat of what happened Monday.

This blog has been in support of placing police officers in the schools.  It makes sense as news stories show why such an action will be good for students, the process of learning, and the safety of those who work in the schools.

This blog has also been most concerned about the process of governing.  I acknowledge a mostly off-the-radar topic for the majority of people.  But the way a governing body conducts its business is as important as what the outcome and policy decisions are from that body.   Under that umbrella I place the need for this board to be able to do their duly elected business.

One thought on “Madison School Board Will Try Again–To Have A Meeting Without Being Victims Of Protesters

  1. Hah! They’ve been watching those complete idiots screaming at politicians in the meetings, halls and elevators of Congress. Not to mention restaurants, gas stations…and other places they can draw a crowd…per instructions from Maxine Waters etc.

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