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Wisconsin Voters After Gap In Logic, Now Returning To Democratic Fold

November 1, 2018

I think there will be many voters around the state who ask themselves what has happened to our state and nation.?

For example, Walker won the La Crosse TV market in western Wisconsin by 4 points in 2014. But he’s losing it by 4 points to Evers in Marquette’s combined surveys over the past three months.

Walker won the Wausau TV market in north central Wisconsin by 17 points in 2014. But he’s winning it by only 2 points in 2018, according to the polling.

The decline in GOP support appears even steeper in the race for U.S. Senate, where Democrat Baldwin is leading in large sections of rural Wisconsin that swung sharply for Trump two years ago.

The battle for northern and western Wisconsin is one key to the 2018 political map. 

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