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Madison Newspaper Adds To Charm Of Election Night

November 7, 2018

When you mix an election, tremendous balloting results, along with an old-fashioned type feel to how a newspaper reports the story—well–you know I am smiling.

Late last night after Tony Evers had secured the needed votes to prevail over Scott Walker I read this line on Twitter from Matt DeFour, Assistant city editor for the Wisconsin State Journal.

We’re in a literal STOP THE PRESSES situation.  

For a couple of hours as Evers and Walker had slowly built their vote totals the uncertainty of the final outcome was very much a concern for newspapers across the state.  This morning many awoke to their paper saying the race was a nail biter, and too close to call.

But for the intrepid reporters and newspaper workers at the Wisconsin State Journal there was no time to waste as the morning front page had to reflect the latest facts.

In the end, the edition which landed on my front stoop about 6 AM, was put to bed around 2 AM.  Some subscribers (~15K) further away from Madison got the early edition that didn’t call the race but instead said it was undecided.

The morning papers after a November election are as comforting as hearing the crunch of fall leaves, or wondering which color sweater fits the mood.   The work at a newspaper office rarely makes for a news story, in and of itself.   I was really glad that we had a snippet of their inside story to add to the charm of this election.

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