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Citizens Moved Around Conservative Governors To Bring Expanded Medicaid To Their States

November 8, 2018

Medicaid had a stunning victory at the polls Tuesday.   Recall it was expanded Medicaid coverage that had made many conservative governors turn aside compassion and needed health care coverage for their stale words about the role of government.

But the voters–the ones who actually run the country–had something to say about that at the ballot box.   Three red states–Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah–passed ballot initiatives that will expand the public health insurance programs.  Two states–Kansas and Maine–elected governors that are likely to join the Medicaid expansion, too.

And my state, Wisconsin, put a Democratic governor in office who could roll back plans to require Medicaid recipients to work.  Taken together, this could mean that 500,000 low-income Americans gain health insurance as a result of Tuesday’s votes.

All this is a good thing for people and their needs.

What has been long missed by conservatives is that the Medicaid program has quietly proved to be a political success. Even conservative voters who oppose President Obama and his health care law seem to support the program that gives health benefits to poor Americans.

And now those poor conservative voters have shown they want more health coverage, too.

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