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In Memory Of Former State Representative Terry Musser

November 9, 2018

Former State Representative Terry Musser, age 70, died on November 1st.   In 1984, he was elected to the State Assembly for the 92nd District, and served for twenty-four years, retiring in 2008.

I want to express my regard and respect for this man.  I knew him when working in the statehouse and always thought him a step above many others serving in the assembly.

If you knew Musser in his official capacity as a legislator you would agree with me that he was a straight shooter and forthright when he talked to you.  He dealt with state issues as he felt them in his gut.  But what so set him apart from many others was the fact he was just pleasant to be around.  That sometimes can be a rare find in the capitol.

During the first budget session, which seemed to linger on for longer than anyone thought possible, it was Musser who pulled up a chair next to mine in front of a large window in the parlor.  A cool breeze was wafting in, which was in stark contrast to the chambers which were not air conditioned.   He needed a break, and so it was there we had our first real conversation.   I recall he wanted to know where I came from.  After telling him I had worked in radio he leaned in so no else could hear and said with a thumb pointing to the chamber, “Some of them should never be given a microphone.”

During a road trip around the state for the Tourism Committee he walked up to me in a bar where we were to have dinner.  He handed me a beer he had bought saying,” After a day with Lary (Swoboda) you really need one of these.”

Over the years I always felt Musser was just ‘one of the guys’ in the building.  He was down to earth and real.

With his passing we have lost one of the most decent who has served our state.

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