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Baraboo High School Students Giving Nazi Salute, And Photographer, Have Much To Explain

November 12, 2018

A photo of dozens of Wisconsin high school students giving the Nazi salute has rightfully drawn widespread condemnation.  That it happened in Wisconsin makes our state look dreadful. (53 miles from Madison!) When one looks at the photo almost all of the boys can be seen laughing and participating–except for one.  That is not a good reflection on any of us.

The Baraboo School District is investigating the photo where 60 male students of the 2019 class dressed in suits and have their right arms extended upward.  Clearly the best and brightest are not among the ones captured on film.  Their parents must be so damn proud.  Some of their great-grandparents surely fought the Nazis in World War II, and would be shell-shocked.

It is obvious, when it comes to those pictured, history lessons, sense of self, familial upbringing, and any religious training did not take by the time of their junior year of high school.  There was seemingly not one who had the common decency and backbone to step away from the group and shout out how dangerous and absurd their actions were.

In this era of Donald Trump, who works to make White Nationalists the norm, we also need to ask what in the hell was wrong with the photographer? Any adult with only a modicum of sense would have said to the troubled children to stop–AT ONCE!  Did the camera person think it okay or normal for literally fifty kids at prom to throw up Sig Heil?

What this all says about our culture right now is most troubling.    One of the smarmy kids was actually doing the “white power okay sign”.  If this stuff is not a part of their home life then where are they getting these ideas?  We all know how to answer my question.  A direct result of the political climate which flows from the current Republican Party–the party that is now controlled by Trump.


How does any of this become acceptable behavior?  How is it that not one of those ‘little angels’ did not have the moral certainty to break with the pack and know there was a better image to present of himself?

We can only hope this photo is sent to each and every university admission office, and as a result, they are rejected.  None of these boys are ready for the multi-cultural world which the majority of us call home.

This also makes me feel like I would be less safe in Baraboo, too.  If this attitude exists about nationalism what might it also say about the safety of gay people in their community?  I know my money is best spent in places outside red-neck locales.

  1. November 12, 2018 9:53 PM


    No need to worry about crow. Walker is in the political witness protection program and Trump is too busy writing letters of congratulations to the kids for coming over to the dark side. This is so embarrassing for our state.

  2. Peter Felknor permalink
    November 12, 2018 8:16 PM

    This belongs to Scott Walker, and to Donald Trump. They’re the ones who signaled to whites that it’s okay to be a Nazi again. And if I’m wrong — if either of them says one word against this (it’s the top of the national news right now) I will gladly eat my crow. On this site. Guaranteed.

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