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Pope Francis: Not So Fast On Addressing Sex Abuse Scandal

November 12, 2018

The bishops of America’s 196 Catholic dioceses and archdioceses all gathered in Baltimore this morning with one mission.  They were settled to vote on measures to tackle the ever-deepening crisis in their churches.  The escalating sexual abuse scandals clearly show a deep rot in the religious structures they have established.  But even before their first cup of coffee had the chance to cool the bishops received surprising news–troubling news if one cares about the law and ethics.

Pope Francis had asked them not to vote on any of their proposals.

The pope does not want U.S. bishops to act to address bishops’ accountability on sexual abuse until he leads a worldwide meeting of church leaders in February.  There is no way to give words to how wrong and disappointing that news is to a nation that is just sick and tired of reading about the abuse of children.

When even tiny steps toward fundamental changes are proposed, and ready to be acted upon, there comes the edict from the top to cease any action.  I would not need to have my glasses on this morning to see where the fault lies–straight inside the walls of the Vatican.  So while the Pope and his crew will not speak to the issue allow me to make a comment.

What is at the core of concern for the Vatican and their ever-growing group of craven men, who wilt at taking responsibility, is the issue of who should over-see the ones who commit sex crimes.  There are many in the church who think only the clergy should regulate and punish the abusers.  To them I say, and know the majority of this nation would agree, that civil authorities must be the ones stepping in and administering the law.    Saying Hail Mary a 1,000 times for undressing a choir boy does not compute with the sense of right and wrong in this nation.

There is a reduction of faith, day by day, in the ability of the Catholic Church to take steps to remedy a problem which spans the globe.  Bland words and papal blessings are not getting the work done.  And now even a body assembled to make little steps forward was upended before it even was able to really start.

It was reported the bishops retired for a day of prayer following the news from the pope.  If anyone needs to be praying it is parents who still allow their child to ever be alone with a priest.

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