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Urban Milwaukee Prints My Op-Ed Column On Scott Walker

November 17, 2018

Pleased that Urban Milwaukee ran my column this week.  


Walker Failed to Lead on Election Night

Not giving a concession speech showed his lack of character. And not the first such failure.

By  – Nov 16th, 2018

  1. November 18, 2018 12:00 PM


    Thanks for your kind words. I am really humbled by the folks who stop here and read.

  2. Mark E Bye permalink
    November 18, 2018 11:13 AM

    Ditto on the congrats. Urban Milwaukee is one of my daily reads. Right along with yours.

  3. November 17, 2018 9:06 PM

    Thanks, Peter. Your kind words are appreciated. Bruce is a great guy and his place on the internet highway is packed with daily insights. Feel blessed to have been a part of it over time.

  4. November 17, 2018 7:38 PM

    Congratulations! Urban Milwaukee is a great blog and Bruce Murphy and co. are a class act. Very pleased to see you guesting in this space with your on-point analysis of Walker’s character, or lack thereof.

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