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Where Was Priscilla Presley, Or Lisa Marie, For Elvis Presley Medal Of Freedom Award Ceremony At White House?

November 17, 2018

Elvis fans across the nation were most pleased that the Medal of Freedom– the highest civilian honor –was presented posthumously to Elvis Presley.  When the news had been reported of the honor I just knew that either Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ former wife, or Lisa Marie, his daughter, would attend and receive the medal.

But as we know that did not happen.

Ginger Alden, Elvis’ last girlfriend was asked about this matter and commented in the only manner I can find to be honest.  From her Facebook page she said it all.

“I don’t understand it at all, very, very sad.”

The White House on Friday, in making note of ‘The King’ said, “Presley “defined American culture to billions of adoring fans around the world. Elvis fused gospel, country, and rhythm and blues to create a sound all his own, selling more than a billion records.”

The fact is there hasn’t been anybody loved in so many nations, in so many languages around the world than Elvis.  That is why it mattered to have either Priscilla or Lisa to have been present to show the gratitude Elvis would have so humbling demonstrated.

Many are aware of the consequences of Elvis wearing a pink shirt and having those swivel hips.  We were never the same afterwards.  Jerry Schilling, musician, friend, and insider to Elvis sums up the reason Elvis not only deserved the medal, but should have been represented by his family at the White House.

I think Elvis Presley could have only happened in America. And that’s the beauty of our country, and why he loved this country so much. Even when he was younger in the ‘50s, with the harsh criticism that he got, it really hurt him. But he was able to continue what he wanted to do, and as I said earlier, he won everybody over. With all of the division and faults and whatever, this is still the best country. And Elvis is still one of the best examples of what America should be.

He wanted to share his success, and did. He wanted to make people happy. He wanted to help people who were sick, and did. He did so much stuff that people didn’t know. People caring about other people if they were influential or had no influence, or whatever color they are, or what language they spoke. That’s what Elvis’s music was about, and what he was about. I think that’s what America, deep down, is about.

Schilling and Elvis below in 1972

  1. Disgusted!!! permalink
    November 23, 2018 11:03 PM

    The reason why Priscilla, Lisa Marie or anybody of the so-called ‘family’ was there to receive the Elvis’s Presidential Medal of Freedom Award was because they have only ever cared for Elvis money and name (like Priscilla still hanging on to the Presley name, even while she was living with all her other lovers that were living off Elvis’s money!), and their lack of respect by their absence has proved this! Also the cause of their absence was because they are evil Demo(n)cRats and disgustingly their hatred of Trump is greater than their love for Elvis. Especially shameful of Lisa Marie who is his only daughter (too bad, I wish he had other children that he could really be proud of), and whom he adored. Instead Priscilla preferred to honor Michael Buble and Lisa-Marie prefers to sit down with her nice ‘wholesome’ daughter, Riley Keough, and watch her porn movie.

    Poor ELVIS, he would be turning in his grave if he saw this disgrace…. and his mother Gladys, can you imagine?! She would be HORRIFIED to see her great-granddaughter having full-on sex and masturbating on-screen! How DEBASED, SHAMEFUL and DISGRACEFUL the Presley ‘family’ has become!

    If Elvis, Vernon and Gladys are watching from somewhere above they will see how their name (although poor were rich in morals and values), and their son’s name has been dragged from Royalty to the sewers of Hollywood (Hollywierd)! And the whole entire mob of the extended Presley ‘family’ are part of that sewer! They are not fit to even utter the Presley name let alone carry it.

    Poor, poor BEAUTIFUL Elvis, you are The KING but you have no family (no-one worthy of you, except your Tupelo/Memphis ‘kin’, especially Billy who has been so loyal to you), and they can try all they will (always using your name and money) to be great celebrities and ‘artists’ but they are NOTHING! Your little finger is worth more than a million of ‘them’ and you will never see them again as you are in heaven and they will be in the pits of hell!

    But instead WONDERFUL President Donald Trump (who is not good enough for the other ‘mob’) has rightfully honored you, The KING, with his great award, he loves you! Also as I do and so too do ALL your fans LOVE you and are PROUD and HAPPY for you dear Elvis. You will FOREVER be in our hearts! LOVE YOU ELVIS!!

  2. November 23, 2018 11:56 AM

    All the way from Sydney Australia and even there American politics can be felt. Glad you are reading my site some 9,000 miles away! The power of the internet is amazing.

  3. Disgusted!!! permalink
    November 23, 2018 1:31 AM

    It’s disgustring that Priscilla and especially his daughter, Lisa Marie, was not there to represent he father. I can only think of one reason, they are sewer Demo(n)cRats who hate Donald Trump more than love Elvis!

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