Happy Thanksgiving From Caffeinated Politics

Once again one of my favorite holidays rolls around on the calendar.

For me there is the historical aspect of the day which is always one for conversations.  Granted, there is much myth-making about the origins of this day.  Pilgrims, of course, weren’t the first settlers in the United States.  Native Americans had celebrated fall harvest feasts for a very long time and they had established sophisticated societies.  And what happened due to European development in the Americas is not in dispute.

When the French and Spanish explored the Mississippi and its tributaries prior to the New England arrivals, countless indigenous villages were seen along the river bluffs. When Lewis and Clark explored that region more than 200 years later, none of those indigenous settlements could be found.  Clearly a de-populating of the land was taking place due to disease and wars.

Aside from the history of the day comes an appreciation for the deeper meaning of our lives.  Hopefully people around the nation will tap into–at least for a few minutes–this theme of the Holiday.

People need to take stock of all the things they own, and in so doing, discover what truly makes them rich has nothing to do with money, land, investments, or how many steps up the ladder of a career they have traveled.  What constitutes being truly rich has nothing to do with bank accounts.

Sound health, a mind still curious to learn, the hand of a loved one to hold on walks, smiling while watching a kid take off on a bike for the first time, and being at peace with oneself are ways to compute the real things of worth.  Those are some of the things which I am thankful for year after year.

It is just my way of observing Thanksgiving.

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