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Larry Palm Bids Farewell To City Council Service, It Is Time For New Leadership

November 25, 2018

Madison City Councilman Larry Palm has received several honest assessments from the desk of Caffeinated Politics.  With his announcement to end his political career it seems a fitting time to look back at what views were expressed about his service over the years.

When it came to fiscal leadership I applaud the actions of Palm and endorsed from election in 2007.

Larry Palm from Madison’s 15 District deserves reelection as he has voted the fiscal sensibilities of his constituents against the sometimes less fiscally responsible members of the city council.  He has also been an advocate of social justice but understands his primary role as a city alderman is making sure the streets are plowed, the garbage picked up, and the taxes kept in check.  He has passed the grade on all points, and therefore deserves the votes of his constituents in the April election.

I very much opposed the placement of the current McDonalds at its East Washington location.  Palm was less than stellar in his actions over this matter.

A politician needs a good friend.  As such many elected officials get a dog for true companionship.  But for Madison Alder Larry Palm the way for friendship seems to be with a greasy fast-food buddy named Ronald McDonald.

Earlier this year it was clear that the clock for Palm was ticking away–and perhaps the need for a replacement was nigh.

For over four hours the alders spoke to the issue of the police.  No one can say they debated the matter as the final outcome was never really in doubt.  While they all took pains to show their intent to have facts presented and the arguments weighed anyone watching at home fully understood this was a stage presentation of “Who Can Present The Best Soliloquy?”  I admit it was a close call but the winner had to be Alder Larry Palm, who in spite of stating he thought his cold was returning, did not limit his time to self-analyse his views while looking like he might fall asleep at his desk.  The vote came near 1 AM, and was 17-2.  The long play acting ended.

Palm can now get as much sleep as desired every other Tuesday night.  We can only hope that his exit from the council means one less long-winded speaker to take up time when all are aware the votes are in hand.

And so it goes.

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