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Ukraine Must Not Be Dismissed, Leadership Required From White House

November 27, 2018

We are now facing one of those events Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton warned would confront the nation.  A time seasoned and credible leadership would need to be asserted from the White House.

Today Ukrainian President Poroshenko correctly asked Donald Trump to deliver a message to Vladimir Putin of Russia.  There was no mincing of the meaning in the terse message.

“Get out of Ukraine, Mr. Putin.”

There is no wiggle room for the United States in showing resolve to live up to our commitment to support Ukraine in the face of aggressive acts by Moscow.  That means the attacks on the country’s naval ships near the Black Sea this week can not–must not–be tossed aside as just another inconvenient headline from somewhere other than our country.   There must not be any suggestion that our international duty does not extend to the situation, as that which now presents itself.  

In other words our country must stand up to the lawless actions of Russia.  We must reject, any and all notions, that Steve Bannon and his ilk have at times attempted to bind our nation with over the past two years.

We must stand with Poroshenko and echo those in Ukraine, who understand that freedom and democracy will not be sold out to Putin.

What concerns me greatly tonight is the lack of understanding and gravitas Trump brings to his duties.  He has demonstrated no ability to hear what his own agencies report or show any willingness to learn what he does not know.  The CIA report on the slaughter of Jamal Khashoggi was treated no better than the wrapper to his latest fast food carb fest.  The disdain he showed for the multi-agency report on climate change underscores why there is every reason to have angst tonight about international affairs.

What should make all queasy is that over and over it has been proven Trump only listens to his “gut”, Fox News, and Hannity!    Trump has been reported to have said he is “far greater than Ronald Reagan”.

But if we witness a sell-out of Ukraine we all know what Reagan would be saying.  And saying loudly.

Republicans once stood with the values of Reagan when it came to the Soviet Union, and then Russia.  Today Trump voters demonstrate their lack of knowledge about international affairs by now aligning themselves with someone in the White House who states he does not like to read.

Meanwhile the people of Ukraine must hold onto hope that what makes the United States exceptional is still a real commodity in the world.  We must not fail them.

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    LOL!!! Thanks Solly!

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