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Hats Off To Court Justice John Marshall In New Book

December 9, 2018

I have long had deep regard and respect for Supreme Court Justice John Marshall as he gave definition to the Constitution’s call for a Court.  The famed Marbury vs Madison case set in motion the scope of the court with the ability of justices to rule as unconstitutional actions of congress.  Now a grand book has been published to place Marshall in the context of his time, and how his service still resonates.  I can not wait to get my copy. (Another reason to love Amazon!)
At a time of tribalism and polarization, culminating in threats by the states to nullify federal laws and secede from the Union, Marshall’s central idea, shared with his Federalist heroes George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, was that “we the people” of the United States as a whole are sovereign and united, as opposed to “we the people” of the individual states.
The scope of that idea was not lost on the people of Marshall’s time, nor should it now in our era.  That large idea was also central to why President Lincoln was most correct in not allowing for the breakup of the Union based on the whims of Southern secessionists.
These types of books are what allows for greater understanding of our past and the way forward of the nation.

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