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Planned Parenthood Wins In Supreme Court As Chief Justice Roberts Understands Call Of History

December 10, 2018

What does Donald Trump do after suffering another loss on the field of the culture wars?  That battlefield is where he tries to make for flashes and sparks so investigations into his illegal actions  have to compete for headlines with the self-created chaos.  Trump knows his supporters can be easily led to chase the newest objects that glitter, regardless of credibility.  To dangle confusions for the base is essential in his bid to retain power.

But then that newest Supreme Court justice has to make a mess of Trump’s grand schemes!

Today the Supreme Court declined to hear a case brought by Republican-led states that were seeking to defund Medicaid dollars for Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide women’s reproductive health services.

The case does not involve federal money for abortion-related services. That is barred by federal law. Rather, it involves an effort by two states to block Medicaid funding for some abortion providers that, like Planned Parenthood, get Medicaid funding for providing other services to low-income women.  Those services include health care for cancer screenings, prenatal services, birth control and ultrasounds.  Consider the type of person who would wish to curtail these services.  Ask yourself if they would push for such policies if it were men’s health at stake.   This all comes down to being against the right of women’s health needs.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberals on the court and said NO to proceeding with the funding case.  And there-in lies the political play of the day, and therefore the writing of this post.  For anyone wanting to dissect this move by Roberts it all comes down to a desire to not make the court a hot-potato for this term.  After all, Roberts has a long term need to frame his time on the bench as one that history will regard with respect.  He does not want to be a pawn for Trump and what it represents.

That move–one that each Chief Justice needs to consider–ramped up last month when Roberts issued an extraordinary rebuke of Trump’s highly disrespectful words about an “Obama Judge”.  The move today also is a rebuke for the fake partisan videos which tried to smear Planned Parenthood.  Following that low-ball attempt by anti-choice conservatives there was a move by some states to craft legislation to curtail funding to the organization.

But the Supreme Court does not want to go down such a road.  And we should applaud their high reasoning and say thanks.  And let us hope that the same reasoning continues relating to their action over federal employment protections opposed by Trump’s administration for gay and transgender people.

We all are aware Trump needs to stir the sewer and hope his base grabs a stick to help.  But historians will write of the checks and balances, such as the actions today. as the reason we survived as a nation.

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