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Why Senator Ron Johnson Is Wrong About Farm Bill

December 15, 2018

There was a great deal of news this week which seemed to push many stories, that should be known about, lower on the pile.  One of those neglected articles was the lame excuse that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson gave for voting against the farm bill.

Johnson used as his rationale that nearly 80 percent, roughly $682 billion, of the spending in the bill was directed to SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program.  In the rarefied air that Johnson breathes it must be nice to look down and give a bottom line perspective on life.

But if Johnson were to walk Main Street and talk with people he might be better able to see the reason SNAP is a program so much in use.  Never mind that it aids farmers tremendously, too.

The reason that so many people qualify for SNAP in a low unemployment economy is that his rich friends at Americans for Prosperity along with the hucksters at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce keep wages low and the minimum wage at $7.25.  That low wage is a crime!  There is no way that it is a living wage.

But while the low paid workers are being punched by Johnson he is more than happy to slap and smile at the biggest suckers at the welfare teat in the farm bill.  It might be interesting for everyone to know that in the bill is the corporate welfare lips of Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto, and the rest of the ilk who are chortling as they know their benefits are not income tested.  The factory farms which they own and which destroy drinking water, streams, and lakes will continue with Johnson’s blessings

Meanwhile we spend public money to stock lakes and streams with fish and improve habitat in our rural areas knowing that one person with a manure spreader can kill  years of needed investments.  It is galling to know what Johnson supports.

While Johnson is prattling on about SNAP and the need to save precious taxpayer dollars he is doubtlessly applauding the corporate welfare give-a-way Scott Walker provided to Kimberly Clark to keep an already profitable plant open at a time of record profits.  Folks need to know, also, that company pays NO Wisconsin income tax.

But the ones who face the scorn and ridicule from Johnson are those nasty people who just want food on the table at meal time.

And so it goes.

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