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2019 Starts On A Glorious Note

January 1, 2019

There could not have been a better eye-opening scene to start the New Year than what was offered to many of us in parts of Wisconsin.  After rain fell on Monday afternoon the temperature  dropped and large wet flakes started to fall.  The coating effect on every outdoor object is nothing short of stunning.  The sunlight on the artwork of Mother Nature is breathtaking.

The snow accumulation added up to about 3 inches.  As such, it is the first ‘real’ snowfall this year which allows us to feed data back to the UW-Madison Urban Snow Project at the the Forest and Wildlife Ecology program.   They asked us last fall if we would be willing to participate, and being good nerds we readily agreed.  It was a delight to be out in the beauty this morning taking measurements.

And some photos!

Happy New Year!

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