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Ukraine And Russia Battle Over Orthodoxy–Historical Schism To Occur

January 1, 2019

Without doubt, the most interesting newspaper article which starts off another year of blogging.

The year starts off with a truly engaging and potentially troublesome event which also has a rich history at its foundation.  Ponder this as what is about to happen will be the worst split in Christendom since the Great Schism of 1054, when what are now known as the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches parted ways.

Consider that Ukraine could force the Moscow-backed church in that nation  to add “Russian” to its name, aimed at curbing the influence of priests whom the authorities call a threat to national security.

Yup, we are off the races as 2019 begins!  Buckle up Bunkie, it will be a bumpy ride.

Ukraine is on the verge of opening the biggest schism in Christianity in centuries, as it breaks from the authority of a Moscow-based patriarch and this week expects to formally gain recognition for its own church, taking tens of millions of followers.

Both Russia and Ukraine trace their origins to a 10th-century federation of Slavic peoples that embraced Christianity, called the Kievan Rus’, and are fighting to claim the mantle of Orthodoxy for themselves.

Keeping Ukraine under the Moscow-led church is vital for Russian claims on a millennium of history stretching back to Kievan Rus’. Vladimir the Great, a 10th-century Kiev prince who converted to Christianity, is celebrated in Moscow, where Mr. Putin unveiled a giant statue of him near the Kremlin in 2016, honoring Vladimir as one of the founders of the Russian state.

For Ukraine, however, the history and Orthodox primacy claimed by Russia are in fact Ukrainian and must be returned. “This is not part of Russia’s history but of a separate Ukrainian identity,” said Andrij Yurash, director of the department for religious affairs at Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture.

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