Let’s Hear It For Cursive Writing

I suspect many of my readers know the feel of opening a thank you note from a young person, and discovering that the handwriting borders on being atrocious. If it is legible at all there is then the battle to be had with the grammar. But for the time being lets just ponder the penmanship.
Too few of our graduating high school students have the ability to write in cursive-style. Fewer schools think it a good use of time and resources to push cursive given the keyboard world in which we live.
I, however, differ with that trend. As such I am glad there seems to be a push-back over the lack of teaching cursive writing.
The reason I feel this way has something to do with my old-fashioned fondness for such writing. Think about the long letters of politics and love shared between John and Abigail Adams. These historical documents should make us all yearn for the wonderful flow of the pen, and the glory of putting thoughts to paper.
Ponder this, if you will. If one can not write in cursive one can not read it, either. What a loss!
But at the end my reasoning about this matter comes down to some solid research that shows students who write fluidly in cursive over print tend to do better on standardized tests, like the ACT. The reason is cursive allows you to write a thought down faster. In higher education, and certainly in the work world that is a huge benefit.
There are those who suggest that children’s brains will grow differently due to the lack of understanding cursive, in that the creative component to writing in a deliberative way will be lost.
Finally, how did I get on this topic?
While with James for a haircut today there was a 6th grade girl talking about her love of learning to write in cursive. Each day the class writes a joke that way and she finds it great fun.
As we were leaving I stuck my head into her cubicle and congratulated the girl on enjoying to learn. She beamed and smiled.
And so it goes.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For Cursive Writing

  1. The editors at Simpson Street Free Press agree completely with your position(s) on cursive writing. In particular, we applaud your comments re: the joy of learning. Very nicely done and thank you.

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