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A Historic Day In America

January 4, 2019

While I had placed this story on my Caffeinated Politics Facebook page it is so wonderful that it also is now placed on my blog.

A truly historic day in America took place with the swearing in of a new congress.  More and more congress is reflecting the make-up of the nation.  For that we all can be proud.

During the swearing-in ceremony, instead of the typical congressional suit in a muted tone, Rashida Tlaib wore a traditional Palestinian thobe. It’s a long tunic, often made of cotton and decorated with heavy embroidery, and worn for various occasions all over the Middle East. Tlaib’s is a deep burgundy with red embroidery.

Tlaib is the first Palestinian American woman to be elected to Congress, representing Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, which includes parts of Detroit and its surrounding suburbs.

Menwawhile lhan Omar fled civil war in Somalia and spent four years of her childhood in a refugee camp in Kenya. She was inaugurated as a member of Congress. She will now take on a president who has tried to prevent people like her from coming to America.

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