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Troubling Racial Tone Of Would-Be Madison Mayoral Candidate

January 4, 2019

There are times when reading a newspaper article twice is required as the news is just so ridiculous.

Madison mayoral hopeful Toriana Pettaway is describing as “some White Supremacy BS” a finding by the city clerk’s office that she fell two signatures short on her nominating petitions and is therefore ineligible to appear on the April 2 ballot.

In an email Wednesday night to Pettaway’s campaign, certified municipal clerk Eric Christianson said she had collected 198 of the 200 valid signatures she needed.

“I am being told I can’t run for Mayor,” Pettaway, the city’s racial equity coordinator, said in a Thursday email to the clerk’s office and local media. “Do to being Short two signatures on the Nomination Sheets. I am reviewing them now. Always some White Supremacy BS.”

I am not sure where to begin in dismantling this mess created by Pettaway.

First, and foremost, process matters. (That topic matters in governing, and one this blog hits relentlessly.) The strict guidelines and procedures that are required by all candidates when having nomination papers filled out is not designed to make it easy for some and harder for others.  All should know the rules, and as the playing field is level for each person seeking office, no one can accuse another of benefiting from special treatment.

To have Pettaway make the claim that she is being harmed by ‘white supremacy’ is ludicrous.  It was, after all, she who only brought in 217 signatures when 200 were required.  Eighteen of them were from people who don’t live in the city.  See, that is a problem.  Any solid campaign would have had a person check each and every name on the nomination papers PRIOR to taking a walk to the city clerk’s office.  Complaining after the fact about something she should have had her fingers on alerts me as to why she is not suited as a mayoral candidate.

I have asked many a person to sign a nomination paper over the decades and it is not hard to exceed the number required.  It takes some time and will power, but it is not a hard task.   One always has to assume that a surplus of names might come in handy.  Plus you have a list of names to use in the election season.

I am very troubled by the use of the term “some White Supremacy BS” by Pettaway.  She is not only a would-be mayoral candidate but also is currently Madison’s racial equity coordinator.  If her ill-considered words when running afoul of clearly laid out criteria for nomination papers is any indicator of her tone and skill set, then I have to ask what animus she brings to her job?  If she can treat the nomination paper process in such a cavalier manner how does she navigate the work that comes across her desk?

Diplomacy, decorum, and reason are traits that should go hand-in-hand when someone is thinking of seeking to lead a major city like Madison.  It is sad to see when those traits are lacking.

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg permalink
    January 8, 2019 9:17 AM


    “When is she going to retract and correct her racist finger-pointing, apologize, and take ownership for her mistakes?”

    I suspect no time soon; matter-a-fact, she triples down in an Isthmus article.

    Toriana Pettaway blames City Clerk’s office for being kept off the mayoral ballot

    Everyone’s fault but hers that she can neither spell nor add.

    Her Destiny to be Mayor??? Gimmee a freakin’ break!

    The everluvin’ kicker? She teaches a class on Implicit Bias “recommended” for ALL City employees and partners!

    Care to guess who pays for that?

    I myself anxiously await which Lefties come to her defense, ala Don Corleone to son Michael:

    Now listen — whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting — he’s the traitor.

    The Gotch

  2. AdamC permalink
    January 5, 2019 1:56 PM

    Her written statements include absolutely atrocious grammar and basic spelling errors, along with not being able to count to 200 valid signatures needed while submitting ineligible signatures from non-city residents. This is embarrassing on numerous levels.

    Here is a city employee who can’t write a simple sentence, count, or adhere to basic requirements for running for city office. Then she dishonestly blames her own failures on whites!? Talk about racism and implicit bias. (And how come the other non-white candidates were able to meet the requirements?)

    When is she going to retract and correct her racist finger-pointing, apologize, and take ownership for her mistakes? Don’t hold your breath. In Madison it’s always easier to play the race card….


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