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Trump Needs To Be Stopped By GOP Senate

January 4, 2019

With his usual schizophrenic style Donald Trump today threatened to keep the federal government partially closed for “months or even years” if he does not get money to build a wall along the southern border.  Almost in the same gasping breath he expressed optimism an agreement could be reached with congressional Democrats within days.  Up is down, in is out.

Obviously there will be no wall funding coming from the Democratic controlled House.  There is not in any poll a majority of the nation in favor of the wall.  The wall runs counter to the very idea of this nation.  As a historian it needs noting the constructs of the nation can not be obliterated to calm the whims of a very unstable person now residing in the Oval Office.  (Technically, he is more often at the residence during working hours watching Fox News.)

Where we are headed regarding the shutdown can not be predicted.  But there are the first signs of cracking in the GOP Senate Caucus as Cory Gardner and Susan Collins have expressed, in varying ways, their unease with the shutdown continuing.  This afternoon CBS reported Mitch McConnell appeared to leave himself “out of the mix” in this latest meeting. The shutdown could all end if McConnell and the rest of the GOP would grow a spine and put the House measure up for a vote.  Then, follow-up and do what is right for the nation by overriding the expected Trump veto.

Trump outright lied (again) yesterday when speaking in the press room.  He claimed that high numbers of immigrants were coming in over the border.  That is not true,  Even his own government have put out numbers and data to show the decline over the past years of such travels.  Numbers from even before Trump was sworn into office.

Since Trump has no partnership to the truth the least citizens should expect–and demand–is an explanation for why he needs $5 billion. Where’s the budget for this matter?  As a policy wonk I would like it explained why this ‘needed appropriation’ was not placed in his budget which was submitted to congress.  If the wall was so vital how did it not become a part of his budgetary process?   Trump pulls numbers out of thin air and wants us to think he is credible, or in touch with facts.  The man does not read, and states he does not like to read.  Yet we are to think him worthy of paying attention to on an average day–let alone when asking for $5 billion dollars!

Those who follow news and policy development in Washington understand that Democrats do support border security, and have invested billions in border wall security.  But facts matter in the world most of us live in, and as such data proves the wall is not an effective choice given other innovative options.  And, as I stated above, the wall is counter to our ideals as a nation.

What we are left with is a glaring example of how a functioning democracy might be brought to its knees if we allow an autocrat to take it hostage.  The Republican controlled senate will need to show spine and do the work of the legislative branch.   The government needs to re-open.  And now.

The PR wounds to the GOP over this matter are profound.  There never was an upside to Trump acting so rashly.  He could have conceded the fight and buckled to the GOP last week.  Now he will need to eat crow before the nation as House Speaker Pelosi  will set the terms for his surrender.

It all adds up to just more reason for angry white males to feel resentment.  Tough.  In the meantime they might pick up a read from their local library about the idea of America.  After all, this place was always far more than just actual land.

  1. January 4, 2019 6:00 PM

    I wasn’t an angel in high school, but I was known to say things like, “No, I’m not going to drink eight bottles of India Pale Ale, go out to the boonies, and play chicken with our friends. See ya in the morning.” I’m still here, and most of those unfortunates bought the farm long ago. Not the best metaphor, but there it is.

  2. January 4, 2019 5:45 PM

    Amen, Peter.

    All I ever ask are factual foundations for making an argument. There is no basis for what is now happening with the wall, and the pulling of any ole thing to say by pretending it is factual, as Trump does. It is painful to watch and dangerous for the nation. Those who agree with him, and are as clueless, are made to feel they have as much right to spout as the president. It is just a train full of idiots on parade.

  3. January 4, 2019 5:27 PM

    I used to try to stay out of arguments with Angry White Males. But now I say this: if you don’t get yourselves educated with facts, or at least turn off Fox News and start cultivating a reading habit, you don’t get a seat at the table. I’m sick of being dictated to by the illiterati.

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