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Note To Donald Trump: “Millions For Defense, But Not One Cent For Tribute”

January 8, 2019

The majority of America will not accept the idea Donald Trump can hold hostage the government of the United States.  We must not allow for his whim about a wall on the southern border to have any traction in the legislative branch.  Working to divide a country through the use of race, fear, and outright lies is not something the majority of the American public will abide.   Polls show a strong majority in opposition to the wall.

Trump thinks he can bluster, lie, and connive his way into the pockets of the taxpayers.  He thinks this nation will pay his asking price for the government to be opened.   We will not offer money but instead some information.   For the most under-educated person to ever sit in the White House—and yes, I am aware of Andrew Johnson–let us recall a story.  One that Trump has never heard, given his disdain for reading and learning.

President John Adams sent an American diplomatic commission to France in July 1797 to negotiate issues that were threatening to break out into war.  The members were approached through informal channels by agents of French Foreign Minister Talleyrand, who demanded bribes and a loan before formal negotiations could begin.   The agents demanded a $12 million dollar loan for France, and a personal bribe of $250,000 for Talleyrand.

Congressman Robert Harper from South Carolina, at a dinner honoring John Marshall, was taking part in a discussion about the French demands.  It was then Harper sent his own reply to the French with these words, “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute”.

The words have echoed down over the ages.

Those are the exact same words that the majority of Americans send to Donald Trump.  There have been billions spent on border security and safeguards regarding the issues of the humanitarian struggle resulting from those seeking to flee violence and economic upheaval.   But we will not allow one single cent to be appropriated for a needless and un-American wall based on a ginned-up mood of ‘crisis’ and ’emergency’ aimed to play so well with his base of supporters.

To Donald Trump let it be stated loud and clear.  “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute”.

In closing, let me tell you what I was thinking while watching Trump tonight.

I like to read opinion pieces and long-form articles about the cutting-edge ideas of our times.  While Trump lumbered on in an attempt to read his teleprompter I thought about what this moment in our nation will look like to those 50 years from now.  Trump is sitting in the Oval Office pining over a simplistic remedy to an incredibly complex problem, while around the globe in China they are forging ahead on their quest to become the world’s preeminent power.

We have lost sight of who we are as a nation and the top-shelf issues which we should be engaged in.

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