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Oval Office To Be Turned Into Lying Stink Pot On National TV

January 8, 2019

Long-time readers know my deep love of history. They also know my deep respect for the governing institutions in our land. The office of the president is one such place where my respect has no limits. That is why I am most concerned about what is to happen this evening when Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office.
The networks should broadcast presidential speeches when requested. I have no problem with that basic concept. But for a president to willfully misrepresent, and worse to lie, about immigrants and the southern border from that office to the American people will be a grave matter with which we then as citizens will need to react, and deal with.
The networks should have a scrolling graphic on the bottom of the screen that refutes any and all lies in real-time. Networks have the resources to real time fact check Trump’s claims. They should split screen during the event and provide pinocchios where appropriate with URLs for more detail when necessary. Facts matter.
Trump’s reality TV presidency has consistently used the media to send malicious, dishonest, and inflammatory messages to divide American citizens. What bothers me immensely is that tactic is now being used from the Oval Office where other presidents talked to us about real and data-driven crises. Reagan and Libya, Bush and 9/11, Obama and bin-Laden. Tonight we will witness a travesty to our republic.
Thank a Trump supporter for doing this to our nation.

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