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National Emergency Will Bring Courts To Center Of Wall Funding Controversy

January 10, 2019

Most Americans would find it hard to fathom, that circumventing the Constitution by Donald Trump to secure funding for a wall on the southern border, would be a legal action.  I suspect most polling data will find the public would soundly reject such a move that was aimed at nothing more than his partisan whims.

We all know there is no national emergency. Data from Trump’s own agencies underscore why the lies he spews are not worthy of one cent of taxpayer money.  If Trump were to use the emergency powers for the funding it would unfurl court action that would result in making it clear the Constitution, in this case, would prevent a president from acting in such a fashion.

Trump has a disregard for law and we have witnessed his acting as if the Constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  He has acted like this nation could be a dictatorship if only he stomps his feet and demands to have all power ceded in his direction.  Knowing Trump’s contempt  for the law means the nation must be ready to stop him.   That means the courts must be the checks and balances required to steady the republic.

What has been most distressing to your blogger is that Trump thinks he can hold the country hostage for an expensive project because he cannot get congressional approval.  Recall he could not get the funding for this racist move while both houses of congress were controlled by the Republican Party.   Trump did not add this funding measure to his budget bill.   Instead, he just dictated what he wanted with no debate and expects congress and taxpayers to roll over.  The bottom line is that Trump must not be allowed to lie his way to an “emergency” or ram through partisan projects.

We have seen over the past two years Trump has no concern for intelligent discussion, decent behavior, or rational policy making.  It all comes down to what Trump wants.  We all have seen small children act out in department stores and we know what must be done.

The Democrats are absolutely correct to deny Trump’s temper tantrum as to reward such behavior will only encourage more of it.  We must stop Trump.

And the courts will, should he act recklessly.

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