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Old-Time Radio On Bluetooth Technology

January 12, 2019

After a late breakfast James said he wanted a slow day.  That sounded perfect to me.

He wanted us to sit in our living room listening to old-time radio shows on the new ‘toy’ Santa delivered Christmas morning.  As Sheldon would say….

Sheldon Cooper:
Perhaps we could expand our market.

How are flower barrettes gonna appeal to men?

Howard Wolowitz:
We add Bluetooth!

Sheldon Cooper:
Brilliant! Men love Bluetooth!

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You want to make a hair barrette with Bluetooth?

Sheldon Cooper:
Penny – Everything is better with Bluetooth.

Being a lover of radio our home has the feel and tone for these broadcasts.  When I speak of my love for the nostalgia of radio, well, I mean it.  And with Bluetooth we can run shows from the i-Pad located anywhere in the home to the small unit on the antique console radio.

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