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Random Thoughts On A Winter Night

January 12, 2019

Waiting for Saturday Night Live to be recorded so we can watch it minus the commercials.  We have not watched commercials in many years in our home.  I am rather taken aback that during some shows there are blocks of over four minutes of ads for this or that.  Who watches them?

I am wondering tonight, as I read reports of federal workers needing to find other income, and finding ways to work with those they owe money, a serious question.   Would Trump, as a landlord, been the type who would have been worked with tenants who couldn’t come up with their rent?

Yeah. Me either.  (Unless they were pretty women with lose morals.)

Ponder how Trump and his base of sycophants now view our FBI as the bad guy and Russia as the good guy.  Can you imagine how President Kennedy or President Reagan would respond to such lunacy?

I truly have smiled over the past days as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the one who is frustrating Trump more than any other person.  Love that the speaker is a Democratic woman.  You know it steams Trump and his ego to be trumped by a powerful woman.

Speaking of powerful women, have you noticed that Hillary Clinton does not rage-tweet?  Meanwhile it should be note Trump sits on his toilet in frustration with his hand-held device–(for the sake of this family-friendly blog let us call it a Blackberry).

As I read my inbox tonight for news reports a just-released poll shows a strong positive reaction among my fellow citizens..  Just 24% of Americans think the immigration situation at the border is at a crisis level, according to a ABC News/Washington Post poll.  There are discerning Americans who still love our republic and value truth, along with an orderly process of governing.

Finally, this blog has always had a big heart for one of the smartest men to hold the presidency during my life time.  Jimmy Carter.  I thought of him tonight as it was reported (in my news box again) that Trump sold an estimated $35,000,000 worth of real estate while serving in the White House last year.  That report comes from Forbes.  Meanwhile Jimmy played by the rules, divested his peanut business, and stood on the side of ethics and law.

But then Jimmy gets to heaven, too.

And so it goes.

  1. January 13, 2019 11:32 AM

    We found that out—-the DVR was to record only new episodes but that repeat got caught up in the net, so to speak. Wish they had more live shows, too! Have a nice day, Mark.

  2. Mark E. Bye permalink
    January 13, 2019 9:36 AM

    I don’t mean to be a spoiler, but it was the episode co-hosted by Steve Carell that aired back around Thanksgiving. These guys seem to work even less often than congress.

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