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Congressman Steve King To Have Lots Of Free Time

January 14, 2019

This is good news for the whole nation. The GOP can be applauded tonight–and sincerely so.

House GOP leaders voted to strip Iowa republican Congressman Steve King of committee assignments following white supremacy remarks.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters Monday that the GOP had voted unanimously to remove King from all committees amid a growing uproar over his recent comments about white nationalism.

The Republican Steering Committee voted Monday night to revoke King’s assignments on the Judiciary, Agriculture, and Small Business Committees.

Well done.

Thanks from America.

  1. January 14, 2019 9:51 PM

    …thanks courtesy of the Republican Party–following the mid-terms–after dissecting the returns. It is not that this is now just news King is a racist. But the GOP knows the nation is not going to allow the GOP to duck and hide. When light dawns it sure does look bright for those who love the darkness.

  2. Zoltar Speaks! permalink
    January 14, 2019 9:21 PM


    Irrational social justice warriors are handed another win.

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