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Checks And Balances Saving America–Federal Judge Rules Against Census Abuse By GOP

January 15, 2019

Once more there is reason to feel confident that our nation can ride the stormy waves of self-created chaos from Donald Trump and arrive in a calm harbor.  Once again, a federal judge has allowed us to have hope.

Today a federal judge in New York blocked the Trump Administration from adding a question about citizenship status to the 2020 Census.

The reason this matters so very much is that, first and foremost, the question is unnecessary and is intended to decrease the number of immigrants and minorities counted in the decennial survey.  One must ask why conservatives wish to under-count who lives in America?

The ruling is just the first in a series of cases on the issue, which has significant implications for future elections, political representation at every level–THERE IS THE KEY–and federal funding decisions for the next decade.

Just to underscore the grave nature this means for the Trump Administration readers need to be aware that there are five other lawsuits over the census question, and the battle is expected to end up at the Supreme Court.  There is no place for this administration to hide from the checks and balances coming its way.

But let us not move too quickly, as what happened today with the ruling by Federal Judge Jesse Furman, matters mightily.  The suit’s plaintiffs were a collection of immigrant advocacy groups, states and local officials who strongly and passionately argued the Trump Administration tried to add the citizenship question to intentionally dissuade immigrants from responding to the survey.  Why such a strategy would be employed by this White House is clear to discern.  But the ruling will be viewed by other courts.  The powerful ruling will have legs.

While the U.S. Census, which is conducted every 10 years, has not included a question about citizenship since 1950, there has never been such a radical and xenophobic administration as the one now in Washington.  The Census Bureau estimated that including this question would lead to 630,000 fewer responses, thus interfering with the primary objective of the census.

Furman ruled that the way Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross added the question was “arbitrary and capricious” and violated administrative procedures.  In words not of the judge, but from your blogger, let it be clear the courts are not going to allow for the weaponization of the census.

Checks and balances were designed by the Founders to insure that abuses of the type Trump and Co. are attempting will be flogged and beaten.

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