Comments Section Removed From Caffeinated Politics

Monday, January 14, 2019 there were over 1,900 hits on my blog with the average person staying on this site for 2:13 seconds. (Not bad for a kid from Hancock.)  Three people commented.  In the fractured world of social media commenting on blogs has been replaced with Twitter and Instagram.    In addition, the niceties of comment sections at social media sites have deteriorated.

As long time readers are aware, I was going to end blogging following the election in 2016.  But with the victory of Donald Trump I knew it was my duty to stay put and speak out against the xenophobia, racism, along with the complete breakdown of common sense in the White House and this administration.  This blog is now in its 12th year, and while I feel a need to remain until Trump is removed from office, does not mean the comment section must remain.

I truly appreciated Mark Phillips (even though we seldom agreed), smiled with Peter F, was always kept honest through the comments of Solly, and found the morning words from Mark B. welcoming.    But those folks were only part of the mix, as one can imagine with comments.

I will not be the first to end commenting on a social media site–nor the last.  But we all end them for the same reason.

In the past I have had announcers from WSM radio, the daughter of Porter Wagoner, and some other warm-hearted folks with famous names leave their words on this blog.  But a decade has changed not only the person sitting in the Oval Office, but also the values and decency of society.  I no longer care to read, or need to deal with, that which in no other instance I would be required to interact.

Blogging continues.  The issues remain.  But the comments section is now closed on this site.  Trolls need to find a new home.