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House Passes Resolution Condemning Racist Remark From Republican Member

January 15, 2019

The Democratic-controlled House on Tuesday passed a resolution expressing disapproval of recent comments made by Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King in which he asked why it was offensive to talk about white nationalism and white supremacy.

The rare reprimand of a House member, which was backed by all Republicans and every Democrat except one who favored a harsher punishment, came the day after King, who has a history of racist remarks about immigrants, was removed from all of his committee assignments. King, who has said he was misunderstood, voted in favor of the resolution, saying it “it’s true and it’s just.”

Look at the photo below.

What type of person keeps a confederate flag on their desk?

We know what type!

Let us hope that what the Republicans have done to King is a sign that the appeal to the worse angels of human nature is losing its vote generating value within that party. Let us hope racism will be somewhat diminished as a tool within the GOP.

I know. I know.   But we must hope.

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