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Where We Are Tonight In America (President Reagan Would Spin)

January 15, 2019

But many of today’s Republicans are just fine with Donald Trump’s behavior and actions.  I recall what my parents instructed me about living life.

Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Conservatives in the GOP are now proving Royce and Geneva to be correct.

Last year, President Trump suggested a move tantamount to destroying NATO: the withdrawal of the United States.

A move to withdraw from the alliance, in place since 1949, “would be one of the most damaging things that any president could do to U.S. interests,” said Michèle Flournoy, an under secretary of defense under President Barack Obama.

But the GOP smiles and bows to the whims of Trump, a very dangerous and highly uneducated person.

How long can America be represented internationally by this ignorant and malicious buffoon before catastrophe ensues?

And why does the GOP not care?


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