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Trump Not Getting His Way With Speaker Pelosi

January 16, 2019

The rule is to never enter a battle without a means of escape.

Donald Trump has not ever played the long game well as he is a ‘day-trader’ and not known to think strategically.   That is more and more obvious every day.  As the federal government shutdown continues, the economy is suffering with data to prove that to be the case, and polls show Trump along with the Republicans in congress are paying the price.

Now the most powerful and effective House Speaker in decades is proving why Trump made a massive blunder by forcing a shutdown.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, citing the government shutdown, told Trump in so many words to either reschedule his upcoming State of the Union address or to deliver it in writing to Congress.  Left unsaid was that he will not allowed to stand before the nation from the House to spout lies about the shutdown or the ‘need’ for his racist wall.  That will not be happening on her watch.

In a pithy and perfect comment Pelosi said, “He can make it from the Oval Office if he wants.” 

The stakes are growing for Trump to kneel–and at the end he will be forced to do that very thing.  Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, continues to impress me with her strength and her common sense.

What Trump is learning, and it is a steep curve for sure, based on his lack of stability, is that no president in this country, is allowed to just demand things from congress or else.  That tactic of his might work when he pays for his whores, but the American people will not stand for such behavior.

And he is learning that hour by hour.

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