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Federal Judge Lets Air Out Of Puffed Up Republican Chests

January 17, 2019

That did not take very long.  Judge James Peterson of the Western District of Wisconsin ruled against the Republican legislature’s actions from late last year.

A federal judge struck down the highly controversial restrictions on early voting in Wisconsin, laws that were passed in one of the most twisted lame-duck sessions in memory.  It was only last month that citizens of this state were slack-jawed over the partisan hubris being exhibited by the Republican controlled legislature.  After losing all five statewide elected offices the GOP decided that it was better to toy with the voting franchise than run better candidates with ideas which reflected the needs of the voters.

In a flurry of legislative action, which mimicked cheetahs on the hunt, conservatives placed restrictions on early voting to only the two weeks before an election.  In recent years large cities like Madison and Milwaukee have used several weeks of voting to insure that citizens were able to use their most important right of citizenship.  Seemingly that was a bad use of democracy according to the majority party in the statehouse.

The judicial smack-down also involved an outrageous idea that would have required a 2-year expiration date on student IDs used for identification at the polls.  Also anchored with a cement block and tossed in the lake was a law that limits the use of receipts as valid voter identification for individuals who are involved in a sometimes lengthy process of getting a valid ID without a birth certificate.  Why make it as difficult as possible to cast a ballot?

For the record this blog has been adamant the voter ID law was the most ham-handed job Republicans undertook in the past eight years.  Data shows that nothing nefarious was happening at the polling places in Wisconsin.  NOTHING.  There were no streams of voters pretending to be someone else, or voting twice. There were no throngs of folks using fake aliases to cast a ballot, and there were no elections that had been decided by all the wild claims.  The only drama that takes place regarding elections are when Republicans breathlessly try to gin up their base with false-hoods about voter fraud. For the record it needs stating that there was not one Republican able to stand up in the legislature and produce any court cases, judge’s rulings, or names of those who cast fraudulent votes. If there was such rampant voting abuses why are they not able to produce any evidence?  

We know why.

What struck me in the legal ruling was the line which was not difficult for anyone to grasp.  Judge Peterson stated with firmness, “This is not a close question.”

It was not as if there were not citizens across the state, along with newspaper editors, and elected members of the Democratic Party who had plainly presented reasons as to why the GOP were way off track when they let their partisan zeal take away their rational thinking on this matter.  While Peterson’s ruling blocks the restrictions for now, we all are aware the case needs to proceed to an appellate court.  I welcome such an examination.

At the end of the judicial process I am confident that the ruling will be very clear.

The GOP will not be rewarded for using partisan politics in the fashion they did last December.  Elections matter and citizens should not be undermined in expressing their desire for which person serves in an elected office. 

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