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Madison Should Have Called Snow Emergency For Saturday Night

January 20, 2019

A significant snow fall landed on Madison late Friday night into Saturday morning.   We had five inches at our isthmus home, which we reported as part of the Urban Snow Project run by the UW-Madison.  The streets in the city were a mess and needing attention.  While city crews and contractors are to be applauded for doing their best, that same statement can not be made for the decision maker who failed to call for a snow emergency for the downtown.

The City of Madison requested that those downtown move their cars to a ramp or off-street parking.  Though I seldom agree with Brenda Konkel she did prove to have a salient statement about the streets department decision.

Downtown parking is going to be messed up for weeks now . . . a simple “request” to have people move their cars isn’t going to work. This is absurd.

Downtown alders who allow the tail to wag the dog have stated in the past it would be a hardship on downtown residents to move their cars.  If these people are old enough to get a drivers license they are old enough to grasp the fact as to why streets need to be plowed.

To ease the minds of such ‘leaders’ in the council I think we should provide valet service.  The city could pick up the cars, drive them to a covered and heated parking ramp.  There might even be a Judge Doyle ramp someday!  The cars then could be returned all warm and snow-free on demand.  And the streets could be plowed for the taxpayers who use them daily.

If I didn’t think this city council might adopt that idea I’d go to the next meeting and suggest it.

Meanwhile, it probably is a better idea to just email Mayor Soglin with two words.

“Jayne Byrne!!!!”

Maybe add two other words, too.

“Cabrini Green”  (That is another blog post!)


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