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Stuffed Pizza To Return To Madison With Giordano’s!

January 20, 2019

Whoever says that there is no reason to wake up in the morning simply has not heard the news.  A stuffed pizza chain is making it known they are Madison bound.

I LOVED Edwardo’s pizza place on the west side of Madison.  A friend and I spent many an hour at Edwardo’s, with their large windows, devouring the best pizza I have ever ate.  Prior to my arrival in Madison, in December 1986, I had never known such a pizza delight.  A friend introduced me to the pleasure of deep dish pizza and I was never the same.  When that business turned out the lights I was really bummed.  I have talked with nostalgia about Edwardo’s ever since.  (I have the same warm views concerning Mountain Jacks closed locations in Madison.)

I strongly differ with those who think pizza is best with a thin crust served with skimpy toppings.  Grampa’s Pizzeria in Madison, for instance, is a sickly cousin in comparison to the savory temptations that await when offered a nice thick crust loaded–or stuffed–with the best offerings possible.

Now I can soon again rave about a new sensation built on the stuffed pizza theme.   The Chicago-style stuffed pizza chain Giordano’s has plans to come to Madison.  While the location has yet to be confirmed I trust, somehow, to be there on their opening night and share my comments on this blog.

In case anyone needs to be reminded this deep-dish pizza restaurant was founded in 1974 on Chicago’s South Side and has been winning converts with each new location.

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