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GOP Defections, Troubling Polls, And A Crow For Trump

January 24, 2019

Whenever a politician makes a power play there must be in view a potential off-ramp.  If one can not think strategically about the pitfalls, and blow-back from over-reaching, then they have no reason to undertake a move that can prove dreadful.  When Donald Trump decided to play politics with a government shutdown he made a decision, but now over a month later, we are so very well aware that he never for a moment considered any off-ramp.

Tonight we know that the Senate voted down Trump’s non-start ‘compromise’ offer, along with a Democratic proposal that would have opened the government, but not allowed funding for the wall on the southern border.

But what everyone also knows–and some know too well as they are trapped in the GOP caucus in the Senate–is that the White House has no clue as to how to extricate itself from the mess, or what their next move will be.  All that is known, by everyone from Trump down to the lowly staffers in GOP Senate offices, is that they are losing.  And that someone–and soon–needs to throw them a lifeline.  They are sinking in the polls and drowning in national outrage.

New polls show Trump hemorrhaging support throughout America.  Approval ratings are down double digits among evangelicals and suburban men.  Non-college educated white voters are walking away.  In CNN’s poll of polls from Jan 2-Jan. 21, Trump is at: 37% approval 57% disapproval.  And of course polls show Americans oppose a wall along the US-Mexico border.

The idea floated late today of Trump weighing a three-week continuing resolution, along with a down-payment on the wall, is DOA–and rightfully so.    The  dictatorial whims of Orange Mussolini will not be accepted by the majority in this land.

What is even more worrying for Trump is the GOP defections among the GOP caucus.  Today the Republican crossovers were significant.   Reasonable Americans can be pleased with this development.  Six GOP senators made it clear their allegiance is with the nation and their constituents.  Let us be clear about what those six senators represent as they openly defied Trump.  While they knew the vote tally would never 60 votes to clear the hurdle for the Democratic proposal, they also sent a warning shot that they are at the end of their room for patience with a buffoon in the White House.  A buffoon who is smearing the Republican brand in ways that no Democrat could have ever dreamed of actually happening.  The GOP is doing this to themselves!

If nothing else we are now sure of one thing.  Trump has no more ability to strike a deal than I have the skills to be quarterback come the Superbowl.   He can prattle on all he wants about the “art of the deal” but we know a crow is even now circling Washington–the same one that will be served for Trump to eat.

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