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DEAL! Shutdown To End With No Wall Funding

January 25, 2019

Public disapproval of Donald Trump has moved the White House to open government without wall funding. The public mood has swelled to outrage over shutdown as majority of Americans hold Trump, and Republicans responsible for the needless (and racially motivated) shutdown.

Public disapproval of Trump has grown five points to 58 percent over three months as a majority of Americans continue to hold him and congressional Republicans most responsible for the partial federal government shutdown, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

More than 1 in 5 Americans say they have been personally inconvenienced by the record-long shutdown, which reached the five-week mark Friday amid reports of turmoil at airports, slowdowns at the Internal Revenue Service and growing public pain as 800,000 federal workers, and many government contractors, go without pay.

That is why in minutes of this posting news will be made that Congressional leaders and Trump have reached a tentative deal to temporarily reopen government without wall funds.

As this blog has stated, the opening without wall funding, is the only way the matter could be handled.  Trump was not able to score points for holding nation hostage.  In the end this deplorable action has cost Trump and the GOP dearly.

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