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Richard Nixon Did Not Show Skin With Victory Sign

January 25, 2019

Recently arrested Roger Stone told reporters today outside the courthouse in South Florida that he plans to plead not guilty and that he looked forward to “being fully and completely vindicated.”  His role in nefarious activities during the presidential election of 2016 will be his undoing.

While making a media spectacle was Stone’s goal, and he was most successful without a doubt, there was a moment today when some people gasped, others laughed, and still others cringed.  Stone threw up his arms in a V for victory salute reminiscent of his old idol, Richard Nixon.

The problem is that Nixon was able to carry off the gesture. Stone looked like a kid who was trying to wear his dad’s too-large sized clothes.  It was very foolish looking.

And then there was the fact that Nixon never showed skin with the move.  Stone—well–he did.


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