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Roger Stone Makes Me Want To Take Scalding Shower

January 26, 2019

Last night James and I watched the Netflix documentary, “Get Me Roger Stone” and it left me wanting to take a scalding shower.

Regardless of your party affiliation the under-mining of the political process and our institutions is cause for concern.  But with ruthlessness and glee Stone–in his own words–shows how he has lived a life that places him squarely on the dark side.

Older folks reading my blog likely recall during the Robert Dole’s presidential campaign the sex orgy story that came to light about Stone—eww. That story–with Stone’s confirmation of it–is part of the program.  Also is the story about the tattoo of Richard Nixon he wears proudly on his back.  There is no way to make this stuff up.

Stone is tacky and terrible–and a close friend to Donald Trump.

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