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White Man (NOT Hispanic) Kills 5 With Gun In Louisiana

January 26, 2019

If it is Saturday it must be time for another wild act of gun madness in America.  What makes the news today even more top of the fold is that it comes less than 24 hours after Donald Trump made outrageous and racist remarks following his caving to national pressure and political reality over the government shutdown.

Listening to Trump made it seem all violence and mayhem, started and ended, with brown people who come to our borders and ‘sneak in’.  One could almost hear the dramatic music build in the background yesterday as Trump rallied his racist supporters, even though he had failed miserably to attain what had been boasted about in campaign appearances.

Today the nation is reminded that too much violence in the nation is committed by white angry men.  Not as the fear-mongers would have us believe, Hispanics.

Reports today from authorities in two parishes in Louisiana state five people have been shot, with the suspect, as of this posting, still at large.  The shootings happened in Ascension and Livingston parishes, about 70 miles west of New Orleans.

The suspect has been identified as Dakota Theriot, 21.  The gun man is, of course, white.  NOT Hispanic.

We will perhaps hear reports of how he was troubled and perhaps needing medical care for a mental illness.  And we will doubtless hear he had every right to own a gun and ammunition.  Lord knows the crazed NRA would not want to infringe on anyone’s right to grab a weapon.

And if the NRA can play this just right they can shamefully use the blood of the victims as a scare tactic as to why others should buy even more weapons so to ‘prevent other such crimes’.  The NRA is never far removed from making more money for their brethren in the gun manufacturing industry, ‘the merchants of death’.

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