Is Southern Border Truly Top Security Threat?


Over the past months, and especially over the period of the government shutdown, Donald Trump has tried to spin a narrative that the immigrants coming over the southern border is the most pressing security matter facing the nation.  It does not require this blog to splash cold water on such a ridiculous notion.   Of course, the southern border is not the Number one issue confronting the leaders of this nation as they consider where to place assets and spend critical time thinking about policy ideas.

Today on Face The Nation there was a short, and perfect summation about this matter.   David Sanger, reporter for The New York Times, nailed the ineffectiveness of Trump, when it comes to one who sits in the Oval Office, and is supposedly thinking about the national security needs of the nation.   The following also underscores the lies told by Trump, which have been allowed to take hold among the Trump base, but are proven not to be factual in the light of day.

I think– perhaps the most important, was the strategic cost. It really revealed, apart from the President’s sort of huge– uselessness of the exercise, it revealed an inability by this administration to prioritize about what our true security threats. Think of what Mick Mulvaney said to you. He said, “The President takes seriously– takes security at the nation– of the nation as his highest priority.” Well, on Tuesday, his intelligence chiefs are going to go out and do that annual exercise of laying out the security threats to– to the country, right, in an unclassified briefing. If it’s like the past five years, you know, cyber is number one, terrorism is number two, nuclear proliferation, rise of China, aggressiveness by Vladimir Putin, you get to border issues around page fourteen of last year’s, and, yet, he has spoken very little about the others.

The Southern Boarder is NOT a top national security concern. 

The reason, however, Trump uses the border and immigration as his rallying point for his base is due to the bias and bigotry which is baked into the DNA with that part of the Republican Party.  Racial chords have always played to a segment of the electorate, and sadly, we have seen at times it does work.   When it comes to the wall, and the disdain many in the GOP have for brown people, the only thing that can be said, which most can agree, is that it is truly a sad thing to witness.

But at the same time it can also be said the racial bigotry from the GOP has not been able to win the day.

The closing weeks of the 2018 mid-terms were an effort by Trump to scare the voters concerning all sorts of ‘dreadful things about to occur at the border’.  I am so proud the voters turned away from the hate, elected Democrats as the majority party in the House, and have placed a brake on the dangerous ideas peculating in Trump’s head.  The only wall that matters is the one that separates Trump’s desires from the taxpayer funds which are needed to make them happen.