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My UW-Stevens Point Post Makes Top Story At Urban Milwaukee

January 28, 2019

I am pleased–on this snowy and wintry day in Wisconsin–to report that my blog post regarding the liberal arts programs at UW-Stevens Point was the most popular article in the past week at Urban Milwaukee.

I am glad my words resonated with readers from around the state.   It was on days like this back in Hancock when snow would be piling up around the back door that I would be hunkered down with a book.  And listening to WGN talk-radio.  (A picture of my family home on County KK in Hancock is featured this week on the header to this blog.)

I have always thrilled to learning new things, and expounding on issues that deserve to be elevated in our national dialogue.

This blog has been a perfect vehicle for allowing the issues which interest me to find a connection with others.  Thanks for being a part of the ‘conversation’.

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