Howard Schultz Has Intelligence But Needs A Message

I readily admit to having positive thoughts about Hoard Schultz after watching the 60 Minutes segment where he spoke about his desire to launch a bid for the presidency.  I am always willing to give a person with a skilled approach to communicating a listen.  Clearly, the man is smart.  His ability to converse and carry a conversation is a measure of his intelligence.

While there has been a constant drumbeat from Democrats, concerning how he would split the vote and help elect another term for Donald Trump, I would urge for some deeper reflection.  There is a long way to go before the 2020 election, and plenty of time to listen to a wide variety of views and perspectives.   There is also more than ample time for a number of surprises to take place which will greatly impact who the nominees of the parties will be for the general election.  For instance, I am not at all sure Trump will even seek another term.  The question no one seems able to answer is why would he seek another term?

It is very true third party candidates have thrown the election in the past to weaker and flawed candidates, such as in 1992 and 2000. We simply can not allow for a scenario where that would happen in 2020.  Trump is, after all, a complete and unmitigated disaster of the likes we have never seen.   There is absolutely no way this nation can again elect him president.  (Should he decide to run.)

But having such views should not preclude us from hearing ideas and listening to candidates from all points of the compass who also fully understand why Trump must be stopped.  Schultz knows from a business perspective that it is important to have a winning message, and it will be even more important to sell his views and ideas as a prospective candidate.

As I spent part of my snowy Monday listening to Schultz on interview programs, and reflecting on what I know of the nation and politics, leads me to ponder those voters who are socially liberal and economically conservative.  What are they thinking when some parts of the Democratic Party lean hard to socialist policy goals?  That very well may be a central part of the message he offers to the nation.

Up to now it seems that Schultz is more interested about the idea of running rather than having a forceful reason to run.   That will need to change, and at once.  Some will scorn his stepping into the political waters.  But I will give time so to hear him speak and address an electorate that has been ripped and shredded by Trump’s behavior.